Susan Horning Provides Special Education Advocacy for the San Francisco Bay Area. I help parents navigate special education and understand special education rights through consultations and direct advocacy representation. I specialize in IEP and Section 504 Plans for learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD (inattentive and/or hyperactive) and speech and language disorders. I help resolve disputes, and offer support and strategic planning to secure your child a free, appropriate public education (FAPE).

What is a Special Education Advocate?

A special education advocate is someone who helps you, the parent, navigate the educational system so that appropriate services and supports are provided for your child.  I work on behalf of parents of students with disabilities who are eligible for special education services and supplementary aids under federal and state law. 

 What does a Special Education Advocate do?

A special education advocate supports, advises and empowers parents to make informed choices for their child by assisting them to understand their child's educational rights.  I actively negotiate for the needs of your child by working together with you and your school district to secure an appropriate education for your child. To do this I might conduct a file review of your child's cumulative file, pertinent records and reports, attend IEP meetings as your advocate, correspond with your child's school district, or refer you to other professionals who can assist you in meeting your child's needs.  I will represent you in all matters and proceedings related to the identification, evaluation and educational placement of your child and to the provision of a free appropriate public education (FAPE) pursuant to the IDEA.

 Who consults a Special Education Advocate?

Some parents consult with me at the beginning of their special education journey when they experience a gut level feeling that "something is just not right."  Others are ready to have their child assessed and want next steps support.  Some parents have a child who has recently become eligible for special education and they want better understanding of the complex special education laws, procedures and practices.  Most often times, parents choose to consult with me because they feel their child's rights have been violated, their child is not making progress or receiving meaningful educational benefit, or they feel the school is ignoring them or not acting in the best interest of their child.  Some of these parents are in dispute with their school district over Section 504 plan or IEP eligibility, what to include in the child's IEP, disagreement over specially designed instruction and related services, or disagreement on the appropriate placement for their child.  I work with children eligible for IEPs and/or Section 504 Plans.



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